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Futuristic Underwriters Announces Tech-Powered, General Liability Insurance Solutions

June 24, 2024, 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Futuristic Underwriters is officially accepting submissions for their innovative general liability insurance solutions designed to reduce risk and protect against claims.

DALLAS–Futuristic Underwriters LLC, a managing general agent (MGA) with a tech-enabled approach to insurance, announces today the public launch of its general liability division, dedicated to reducing risk and improving the insurance experience for general contracting, manufacturing/distributing, real estate, and hospitality among other industries.

Futuristic Underwriters aims to assist both insurers and insureds in managing risk by leveraging the power of technology. They are now accepting submissions to quote and bind businesses across a wide variety of  target classes, including: 

Contractors. Offering commercial, industrial, and residential (new construction & remodel/repair) for general and trade contractors. 

Hospitality. Offering general liability, and assault and battery coverage for bars, hotels, motels, and restaurants. Learn more here. 

Manufacturers/Distributors. Offering coverage for commercial & industrial equipment, electronics & electronic components, importers, plastics & rubber goods, and US manufacturers.

Real Estate. Offering coverage for premises liability, apartments, condominiums, homeowners associations, and retail.

“Year after year, we’ve seen insurers and brokers struggle to maintain profitability, evident in a property & casualty combined ratio of 103% in 2023,” said Michael Gramm, Futuristic Underwriters’ Senior Vice President. “We’ve successfully utilized technology and data analytics to enhance the insurance experience with our transportation solutions and look forward to extending this success to the general liability sector.’” 

The Futuristic team is comprised of seasoned underwriters and a leadership team with an extensive technology background. This combined expertise has enabled Futuristic Underwriters to develop solutions that take a futuristic approach to address risk. Leveraging predictive data points, Futuristic Underwriters will help businesses obtain fair rates and coverage based on individual risk characteristics. In addition to this innovative underwriting strategy, their next-generation technology, including Artificial Intelligence, will help improve the overall insurance experience with an efficient distribution platform, proactive claims handling, and most importantly, tools to help insureds reduce risk. 

For more information about general liability coverage through Futuristic Underwriters, click here.

About Futuristic Underwriters
Futuristic Underwriters strives to deliver cutting-edge insurance solutions that reduce risk and improve the insurance experience for agents, insurers, policyholders, and claimants within the commercial property & casualty sector. The Futuristic team is comprised of seasoned underwriters and claims experts with specialty insurance experience alongside extensive insurtech expertise within the leadership team. Representing both affiliated and third-party insurance companies, Futuristic will continue to unveil a comprehensive range of specialized insurance products throughout 2024 and 2025. Stay up-to-date on Futuristic Underwriters’ latest products here.